What Are The Examples Of Disaccharides? 

examples of disaccharides

You might have heard of various examples of disaccharides because we usually consume them in everyday foods. But, here we will discuss them in a detailed manner and also add some further examples to it. Disaccharides are polymers made by linking two monosaccharides. In simple words, disaccharides are sugars or carbohydrates. Now, you may get … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Kinetic Energy? 

examples of kinetic energy

Today we come up with examples of kinetic energy. Why do you have more speed when you run on a slanting road rather than running on an elevated road? It is all because of kinetic energy. Because kinetic energy is transferred between objects and can be transferred into another form of energy. Probably, you all … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Homologous Structures? 

examples of homologous structures

In your school, you might learn various examples of homologous structures in plants and animals. Here we will polish your concept regarding the homologous structure and its examples. Homologous structures have referred to the two things that have an equivalent role or relationship. Homology is important in comparative biology because it makes it possible to … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Coevolution? 

examples of coevolution

What do you know about coevolution? Do you know the examples of coevolution? The answer may be yes or no. But, you all should read this article, because it adds plenty of knowledge regarding coevolution to your previous knowledge. We all know that organisms that are ecologically intimate, like hosts and parasites or predators and … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Elements? 

examples of elements

You might have gone through the periodic table, which helps you to understand the examples of elements. Today we will know some examples of elements. There are a total of 118 elements in the periodic table. Elements are the simplest chemical substance in which all the atoms are exactly the same. Do you know?  All … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Chemical Energy? 

examples of chemical energy

You might be aware of chemical energy but learning the examples of chemical energy will be more interesting. As it has real use of chemical energy. It is very interesting to learn the application of what you have already learnt. As you scroll below to read chemical energy examples, you will find many examples of … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Deposition? 

examples of deposition

You are looking for examples of deposition, right? Well, without wandering here and there, read this article till the end. But before moving ahead, you should have a basic idea of the deposition term. So, it is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gaseous state. It is a thermodynamic process, … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Adaptation? 

examples of adaptation

Have you ever wondered why animals have different traits? Learn the examples of adaptation that will clear all your doubts. Why do blowfish puff up, and why do frogs hibernate? It is all because of adaptation. Every animal needs to adopt surroundings while living and they need to transform themself. Some need adaptation for self-defense, … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Solutions? 

examples of solutions

Can you give some examples of solutions? If not, then you should read this article. If you have learned Chemistry in high school or in college, then you have definitely heard of solutions. Today we will see the practical examples of solutions in detail. After reading this article you won’t have any doubt regarding the … Read more

What Are The Examples Of Heterotrophs? 

examples of heterotrophs

Before knowing the examples of heterotrophs, you should have an idea about heterotrophs. Heterotrophs are also known as consumers because they consume hosts or other consumers. Heterotrophs occupy the second and third levels in the food chain, a sequence of organisms that provide energy and nutrients for other organisms. All animals and non-photosynthetic plants are … Read more