What Are The Examples Of Inertia? 

There are various daily activities for which you need inertia. Today, we will give you some examples of inertia. Inertia is one of the very important quantities in physics, you might have learned about it. Although the principle of inertia is one of the basic principles of classical physics and is still used today to describe the motion of objects and how they move

affected by the applied forces on them. Inertia comes from the Latin word called, Iners, meaning ideal, sluggish. Without taking your time let’s get started and know the examples of inertia. 

What Are The Inertia? 

Before knowing the law of inertia examples, you should know about the inertia itself. Well, inertia is a passive property that causes an object to do nothing but resist. Active agents such as force and torque. On the Earth’s surface, inertia is usually overshadowed by gravity and the effects of friction and air resistance, both of which are slow-moving objects. This misled the philosopher Aristotle into believing that objects only move when a force is applied to them. For example, when you open the lead of a water bottle, then you need to apply some force. In fact, that water bottle also has some kind of energy and it also applies a little force to you, it is called torque. Simple, torque is a couple of forces. 

Let’s know some types of inertia with examples. So, there are three main types of inertia called inertia of rest, inertia of motion, and inertia of direction. And its examples are explained below. Let’s know some real-life examples of inertia

What Are The Examples Of Inertia?  

Here is a list of some important examples of inertia, they will clear you the exact meaning or definition of inertia. 

  1. Satellites 
  2. Falling Of Fruit And Leaves 
  3. Dusting Carpet 
  4. Falling Forward While Leaving A Moving Bus 
  5. The Continue Spinning Of Milk After The Stirring Is Stopped 

Now, let’s understand these examples of inertia in our daily life in detail. 

Examples Of Inertia  

Here are some examples of inertia in everyday life that you should know. Below we will discuss them in detail. Let’s get started. 

1. Satellites 

One of the common mass moments of inertia examples is the satellite. A satellite is one of the best examples of inertia of motion. An object is a space that circles or moves around a larger object or body. Do you know how it is possible to keep satellites in motion without any fuel or input? It is because of the law of inertia of motion, which makes it move in a circular motion. 

2. Falling Of Fruit And Leaves 

Have you ever wondered why fruits or leaves fall down on the ground instead of going up? And it is because of the law of inertia of rest. So, falling a fruit on the ground is one of the best examples of inertia of rest. Before shaking, the branch is at rest, but when the tree is shaken, the branches start moving, whereas the fruits and leaves remain in their initial state of rest. Therefore, fruits fall on the ground. 

3. Dusting Carpet 

When you do dusting, you might see dust particles falling on the ground. Why does this happen? It is all because of the magic of inertia. When you beat the carpet with a stock, the carpet starts moving but the dust particles in it remain in their original position, meaning the inertia of rest. The repeated beating of the carpet gives you a clean carpet. This is one of the good examples of inertia in our daily life.  

4. Falling Forward While Leaving A Moving Bus 

The examples of the law of inertia are many and out of them, one example is falling forward while getting down from a moving bus or any other vehicle. When you get down from a moving bus, your upper body is still in motion, and when it comes in contact with the ground which is at rest, your body goes forward due to the law of inertia of motion.  

5. The Continue Spinning Of Milk After The Stirring Is Stopped 

When you stir milk very fast and stop suddenly, you will see the milk moving in a circular direction. This happens because of inertia. It keeps the milk moving inside the glass. And the property inertia is also the same as it remains at rest or in unchanging motion unless acted on by some external force. 

6. Athletic Running Before Taking A Long Jump   

You’ve probably seen athletes first run and then long jump, but have you ever wondered why they do it? Well, athletes do this to go from the inertia of rest to the inertia of motion. It makes it easier to take a long jump. When they run too fast, they can make a jump really long. This is one of the perfect examples of inertia in sports.  

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What Is Inertia 3 Examples?

A hockey puck will continue to slide across the ice until acted upon by an outside force. When pedaling a bicycle, if you stop pedaling, then the bike continues going until friction or gravity slows it down. A car that is moving will continue, even if you switch the engine off.

What Is Inertia 2 Examples?

The inability of a body to change its state of rest or of uniform motion by itself is called inertia. Inertia of a body depends mainly upon its mass. If we kick a football, it flies away. But if we kick a stone of the same size with equal force, it hardly moves.

What Is Inertia And Its Types With Examples?

Inertia of rest: The inability of a body to change by itself its state of rest is called inertia of rest. Inertia of direction: The inability of a body to change by itself its direction of motion. Inertia of motion: The inability of the body to change by itself its state of motion is called inertia of motion.

What Is A Daily Example Of Inertia?

The examples of inertia in daily life are: When we beat the carpet with a stick, the carpet begins to move, but the dust particles within it remain in their resting position. The dust particles fall out of the carpet as a result of the constant beating, leaving us with a clean carpet.

What Is Inertia In Physics For Dummies?

Inertia is the tendency of a body to resist a change in motion or rest. When a vehicle stops, you tend to jerk forward before coming to a complete stop. In the same way, you will jerk backwards when the vehicle begins to move.


By reading this article, you have came across examples of everyday inertia in detail. We have also given you the definition of inertia in detail. You may think gravity inertia and momentum are examples of what. Well, these are examples of natural forces. Inertia is nothing but a natural force, it is not created by scientists in a laboratory. Now, you understand the examples of inertia and in the future, you won’t need to learn them again.

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