What Are The Examples Of Solutions? 

Can you give some examples of solutions? If not, then you should read this article. If you have learned Chemistry in high school or in college, then you have definitely heard of solutions. Today we will see the practical examples of solutions in detail. After reading this article you won’t have any doubt regarding the solutions. There are multiple types of solutions, therefore, we will know about the solution first and then know its examples. Without further discussion lets’ know the examples of solutions

What Is Solution? 

The solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more components in which the particle size is smaller than 1 nm. For example, when you mix sugar, salt, and lemon in water, it will result in a solution. The solution is prepared by adding solute in a solvent. The solvent is a substance that is present in more quantity as compared to the solute in the solution. The solvent is the substance in which a solute dissolves to produce a homogeneous mixture. While solute is a substance that dissolves in a solvent to produce a homogenous mixture. 

If both the solute and the solvent are liquid, the distinction loses significance, the one present in a smaller concentration is likely to be called a solute. The concentration of any component in a solution may be expressed in units of weight or volume or in moles. 

Now, let’s have a look at the liquid solution examples as well as solid solution examples. 

What Are The Examples Of Solutions? 

You may find examples of solutions everywhere, even at your home. When you mix salt with a glass of water, it is an example of a solution. Here is a list of examples of solutions found at home and also other solutions. 

  1. Vinegar 
  2. 22 Carat Gold 
  3. Sugar Water Mixture 
  4. 3% Normal Saline Or 3% NaCl 
  5. Air 
  6. Plasma 
  7. Tincture Of Iodine 
  8. Ocean Water 
  9. Hydrogen Peroxide 
  10. Liquid Soap 

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10 Examples Of Solutions 

Here are the most common examples of solutions, we will explain them to you. You have probably seen or studied some examples out of the given list, as they are very common. Let’s understand them.

1. Vinegar 

Vinegar is the common example of solution in everyday life. As you use vinegar to pickle vegetables and in various cleaning solutions. Vinegar is a solution because it is a combination of water and acetic acid. Here water is solvent and acetic acid is solute. Vinegar is an aqueous solution, which means it contains water.

2. 22 Carat Gold 

One of the examples of solid solution is a 22 carat gold. How? Because, 22 carat gold contains only 22 carat gold and the remaining 2 carats are other metals like silver, iron, or copper etc. 24 carat gold is a pure gold, therefore it is more expensive than 22 cataract gold. It is called solid solution because, in this the solvent and the solute both are in solid state.

3. Sugar Water Mixture 

When you mix a spoonful of sugar in a glass of water then you may see, after steering for a moment, the sugar completely gets dissolved into water. Here water is solvent and sugar is solute. The solution is formed called sugar water solution. It is also aqueous solution.

4. 3% Normal Saline Or 3% NaCl 

One of the great examples of hypertonic solutions is 3% normal saline water. Hypertonic solution has a higher concentration of dissolved particles than blood. When 3% normal saline is infused, hypertonic fluids cause an increased concentration of dissolved solutes in the intravascular space compared to the cells.

5. Air 

There are several examples of solutions in nature, but air is the most common one. Air is considered as a gaseous solution because it contains several other gases. Air is a homogeneous mixture of different gases like helium, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and many more.

6. Plasma 

Plasma is one of the examples of solutions in the human body. It is yellow tinted water, sugar fat, protein and salt solution which carries the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It brings nourishment to cells and removes the waste products of metabolism.

7. Tincture Of Iodine 

Tincture of Iodine is a solution of I2 in aqueous KI. It is an antiseptic, it is also called a weak iodine solution. It consists of 2 to 7% elemental iodine, along with potassium iodide, dissolved in a mixture of ethanol and water.

8. Ocean Water 

Everyone knows that the ocean water contains salt. Seewater or ocean water is a mixture of pure water and dissolved ionic substances. This water is solvent. Ocean water is one of the great examples of solutions in chemistry.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide 

We use hydrogen peroxide for household purposes, it is an extremely diluted solution of pure hydrogen peroxide in water. It is a mild antiseptic therefore used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

10. Soap 

The very common solid solution example in home is soap, whether it may be bathing soap or cloth washing soap. The soap is made by using a process called solidification.

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What Are Some Examples Solutions?

Some examples of solutions are salt water, rubbing alcohol, and sugar dissolved in water. When you look closely, upon mixing salt with water, you can’t see the salt particles anymore, making this a homogeneous mixture.

What Are 4 Examples Of A Solution?

Examples of Solutions
Sugar-water, salt solution, brass, alloys, alcohol in water, aerosol, air, aerated drinks such as Coca-Cola etc. are examples of solutions. When we work with chemistry, we generally prepare many types of solutions such as copper in water, iodine in alcohol etc.

What Are Everyday Examples Of Solutions?

Salt water is an example of a solution. Salt is the solute and water is the solvent. Coffee is another example of a solution. The extracts from coffee are the solute, while water is the solvent.

What Are Types Of Solutions?

Based on the whether the solvent is water or not, solutions are of two types. Aqueous solutions: These solutions have water as the solvent. Examples of such solutions are sugar in water, carbon dioxide in water, etc. Non-Aqueous Solutions: These solutions have a solvent that is not water.

What Are Common Solutions?

Common Solutions is a collaborative and consultative initiative to support academic units and to improve their ability to work efficiently.

What Are 5 Examples Of A Solution?

Here is a brief list:

  • Salt water is formed when we mix salt (generally table salt) in water. …
  • Sugar water is formed by mixing sugar in water.
  • Mouthwash consists of a number of chemicals dissolved in water.
  • Tincture of iodine is obtained by dissolving crystals of iodine in alcohol.

What Are 3 Examples Of Solutions In Everyday Life?

Some examples of solutions are salt water, rubbing alcohol, and sugar dissolved in water.


After reading this article, you come across various solution’s examples. In day to day life,, we see and prepare many solutions without realising it. For instance, you drink soft drinks, you breathe air, and you also drink tea or coffee. These all are the solutions. Now, you have understood all about the solutions. So, from now on you won’t get confused by the examples of solutions


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What are the 10 examples of solution