What Are The Examples Of Wheels? 

Do you know examples of wheels? If not, then stay with us till the end of this article. An axle mechanism is an arrangement of a disc and a cylindrical rod, the disc covering the rod from the outside. Depending on the force or nature of the force applied to the wheel or axle, the load may deform or shift from its position. A single-axle machine represents a type of lever in which the shaft acts as a pivot or balance point. Did you know? That the first simple machine with an axis was a potter’s wheel introduced by the Mesopotamians around 3500 BC. Let’s have a look at some examples of wheels.  

What Are The Wheels? 

 Before getting the examples of wheels and axles, you should have an idea of what the wheel is and how does a wheel and axle work. Well, a wheel is a round piece that spins on an axle bearing Without an axle, you can not attach wheels to your machine or any equipment. When you observe the wheels of any vehicle then you would get that two wheels are attached to each other by using a shaft called an axle. And when these wheels get rotated, the shaft maintains coordination between their motion and ultimately results in the motion of that vehicle. 

A wheel rotates in a circular motion in 360-degree rotation. The speed of any vehicle is directly proportional to the diameter of its wheels, if the wheels are bigger then speed is also, and vice versa. An axle is a simple machine consisting of a wheel attached to a smaller axle so that the two parts rotate together and there is transferred from one to the other. 

Let’s know the examples of wheels

What Are The Examples Of Wheels?  

Here is a list of some examples of wheels

  1. Bicycle 
  2. Car Tires 
  3. Ferris Wheel 
  4. Electric Fan 
  5. Analog Clock 
  6. Windmill 

Examples Of Wheels  

Wheels are an essential factor in rotating things like vehicles, bicycles, etc.  Let’s know what are examples of wheels in detail. 

1. Bicycle 


One of the common uses of wheel and axle is a bicycle, which consists of an arrangement of wheels and axles that helps it move forward. In it, If the motion is applied, the force begins to act on the axles and causes the cycles’ wheels to move forward. You can also move the bicycle in a backward direction. 

2. Car Tires 

Car Tires

You might see car tiers, they are attached to an axle. The tires of the car move forward or turn to each side with the help of the axle. When a car’s engine applies force to the axles, the wheels tend to move or spin in response. 

3. Ferris Wheel 

 Ferris Wheel 

One of the amazing examples of color wheels is the Ferris wheels. You must have seen the Ferris wheel at the amusement park. It consists of a giant wheel that rotates in a circumferential direction. The center of the Ferris wheel consists of a cylindrical rod called the axle. The axle is subjected to a high-magnitude electrical force, which supports the rotation of the Ferris wheel. 

4. Electric Fan 

Electric Fan 

The blades of a fan are attached to a hub, which is further connected to a motor with the help of an electric circuit. The power generated by the motor goes to the hub and helps the fan blades spin. Here the hub of the fan is used as the axle and the fan blades rotate to represent the wheel. 

5. Analog Clock 

Analog Clock 

An analog clock is also one of the important examples of wheels and axles. The minute, hour, and second of a clock are attached to the center of a cylindrical pin. This cylindrical pin acts as the axle, and the hand of the clock represents the wheel. When a force is applied to the pin, the pointer rotates. 

6. Windmill 


Wheel and axle is simple machine used in windmills. Do you know the windmill? This is also an example of a wheel and axle. It consists of rotating blades attached to the top of a pole. The top of the pole acts as the center point or the axle. When the high velocity of winds causes the blades to move, a considerable amount of force gets exerted on the axle. 

Do you know? Joysticks and steering wheels are examples of game controllers that also contain wheels and axles. Hence you can say, Joystick and steering wheels are examples of wheels. There are lots of examples of axles and wheels over there and you have got several of them. 

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What Are Two Examples Of Objects With Wheels?

Examples: doorknob, roller skate, the steering wheel of a car, wheels of a car.

How Wheels Are Used In Daily Life?

Wheels can be used for transportation. For example, before the wheel was invented, people had to walk, carry very heavy things, and had to use a boat to get over seas. Now we have cars, bicycles, wagons, dollies and airplanes! First of all, wheels can get you from place to place.

What Are 2 Examples Of Axle?

The wheel and axle is a simple machine having a wheel and an axle. The linear motion of axle is obtained by rotating the wheel so as to reduce friction. Example : Steering wheel, screw drivers, water tap etc.

What Are Examples Of Wheels In The Body?

Wheel and axle-like arrangements in the body are needed for the transmission of force. A good illustration of this is shoulder joint medial and lateral rotation. For example, hold the upper arms in line with the shoulders, elbows bent 90 degrees, and the forearms vertical and holding a weight in the hands.


By reading this article you have got a hint about the wheels and axle examples. The wheel and axle mechanical advantage is essentially the ratio of the radius of the wheel over the radius of the axle. Wheel and axle are used for different purposes over a period of time. You can find lots of appliances made up of wheels and axles in the vicinity. To understand better  we have mentioned several examples of wheels in detail, so you can take help from them.

What are two examples of ways we use wheels today