What Is A Hip Drop Tackle?

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Rugby is a high-impact, physically demanding sport that involves various techniques and strategies to gain possession and defend against opponents. The hip drop tackle is one such move used by rugby players in defensive situations. In this blog, we’ll explore what a hip drop tackle is, how it is executed, and its role in the game of rugby.

What Is A Hip Drop Tackle?

A hip drop tackle, also known as a “chop tackle,” is a defensive technique in rugby used by a player to stop an opponent’s progress and bring them to the ground. This tackle involves using the hip and shoulder to target the ball carrier’s legs, specifically around or below the knee level. The objective is to disrupt the ball carrier’s balance, causing them to lose momentum and fall to the ground.

Key Elements Of A Hip Drop Tackle:

  1. Timing: Timing is crucial in executing a hip drop tackle. The defending player needs to choose the right moment to make the tackle, often when the ball carrier is running or advancing toward them.
  2. Lower Body Contact: The player executing the tackle uses their hip and shoulder to make contact with the legs of the ball carrier. This contact is typically made around or below the knee area.
  3. Wrap-Up: While the primary point of contact is with the hip and shoulder, it’s essential to wrap the arms around the ball carrier to secure the tackle and prevent them from offloading the ball to a teammate.
  4. Controlled Force: The goal of a hip drop tackle is not to injure the opponent but to bring them down to the ground. Players need to apply controlled force to disrupt the ball carrier’s balance and bring them under control.
  5. Leg Drive: Once contact is made, the defending player often uses their leg drive to push the ball carrier backward and down, further preventing their progress.

Advantages Of A Hip Drop Tackle:

  1. Effective Stopping Power: A well-executed hip drop tackle can bring a running opponent to the ground quickly and effectively, preventing them from gaining significant yardage.
  2. Ball Disruption: By targeting the legs of the ball carrier, a hip drop tackle can often lead to a loss of possession as the carrier is unable to maintain control of the ball.
  3. Safety: When executed correctly, a hip drop tackle can be a safer alternative to higher tackles, which carry a greater risk of injury to both the tackler and the ball carrier.
  4. Versatility: The hip drop tackle is a versatile defensive move that can be used in various situations on the rugby field, making it a valuable skill for players.

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Challenges And Considerations:

  1. Risk of Penalties: Improper execution of a hip drop tackle can result in penalties or even disciplinary action if deemed dangerous or reckless. Players must be mindful of the laws and regulations governing tackling in rugby.
  2. Proper Technique: Learning and mastering the proper technique for a hip drop tackle is essential to ensure its effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury.


The hip drop tackle is a skillful and strategic defensive move in the sport of rugby. It allows players to stop their opponents’ progress, disrupt possession, and maintain safety on the field. When executed correctly, a well-timed hip drop tackle can be a game-changing defensive play that shifts the momentum in favor of the defending team. Rugby players, both amateur and professional, often invest time and effort in mastering this valuable technique to excel in their roles as defenders on the pitch.


What Was The Hip Drop Tackle Tony Pollard?

The hip-drop tackle came under the spotlight during last year’s playoffs. Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard suffered a fractured fibula and ligament damage after a hip drop tackle from then-San Francisco 49ers defensive back Jimmie Ward.

What Is A High Drop Tackle?

Research conducted by the NFL says that hip drop tackles increase the risk of injury by 25 times over a regular tackle. With a hip drop, a defender wraps up a runner and uses his full weight to twist, then fall, often coming down on the offensive player’s legs, which can injure an ankle or knee.

What Is A Hip Tackle In Football?

The hip-drop tackle typically occurs when a defender is making a tackle behind the ball carrier, leaving his feet and then subsequently falling on their hip to drag the player down.

What Is Pollard From Cowboys Wearing On His Neck?

Which NFL Players Wear the Q-Collar? Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys running back, is one of many athletes who use the Q-Collar. He noted that after his agent talked to him about it, he was open to it and anything else that will help protect him and his longevity in the NFL and beyond.

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