What Are The Examples Of Community Resources? 

There are lots of examples of community resources. But you might be unaware of them. To make you aware of it, we are here with this ultimate article on examples of community resources for patients, from schools, education, mental health, etc. first of all, we will give you a clear analysis of what are the community resources and then move toward its examples. So, stay connected with us till the end of this article. So, without having further discussion let’s get started and have a look at some examples of community resources.  

What Are The Community Resources? 

Well, before knowing what are examples of community resources, you should know what is a community resource in detail. So, the term community resource includes a wide range of things that are potentially helping the community. This could be anything as long as it provides help or service to the members of the local area. In simple language, community resources include places, people, activities, and things, they could be businesses, organizations, or public services institutions of individuals in the community. 

Community resources are funded in a variety of ways, they can be run by a completely non-profit group or by the government, businesses, or just one person.   

Now, you know the community resources meaning. Let’s know what are some examples of community resources

What Are The Examples Of Community Resources?  

Here is a list of some important and effective examples of community resources

  1. Educational Organizations 
  2. Financial Assistance Organizations 
  3. Religious And Cultural Organizations 
  4. Health Care Organizations 
  5. Community Centers And Parks 
  6. Childcare Service 
  7. Food Bank 

7 Examples Of Community Resources  

There are more than 5 examples of community resources for families, schools, patients, and many more. Let’s understand all the examples of community based resources in detail. 

1. Educational Organizations Educational OrganizationsEducational Organizations

One of the common examples of community resources in education is educational organizations like public schools, public libraries, free coaching classes, etc. it is one of the best solutions and aid to those who can not afford a good quality of education or education due to some financial problems. One of the best examples of community resources for schools is the public schools, in which poor children can take education. 

2. Financial Assistance Organizations 

Financial Assistance Organizations

There are crores of families on the earth that are facing extreme financial scarcity and due to this, they even can not afford daily food, needs, and education. So, one of the best examples of community resources for elderly people is financial assistance organizations. Because after retirement, old people don’t have money to survive the remaining life and to pay the hospital bills. Therefore, many communities have at least one organization that offers some form of financial assistance to individuals and families who meet certain income guidelines.  

3. Religious And Cultural Organizations 

Religious And Cultural Organizations

Religious and cultural organizations serve in very different ways but they are also examples of community resources for students, families, etc. Religious and cultural organizations including but not limited to churches, synagogues, temples, ethnic leagues, or veteran associations, and important to the overall functioning and health of the community as well. They provide for community members with more abstract needs, such as the need to belong and to feel meaningful connections with other individuals.  

4. Health Care Organizations 

 Health Care Organizations

What are community resources in healthcare? Well, there are many healthcare organizations run by various communities to help poor people and they all are examples of community health resources. Hospitals, community clinics, and public health organizations are all considered community resources regardless of their funding. They are funded by private non-profit groups or local state, or federal government sources. Healthcare organizations are essential community resources, particularly for individuals who are disabled, chronically ill or don’t have the financial resources to access private healthcare providers.  

5. Community Centers And Parks 

Community Centers And Parks

One of the best examples of community resources for mental health suffering persons is the community centers. In the community centers and parks, people who live in the area can meet each other and play sports, take courses, etc. community centers include an activity space with a weight room and running track, a library, and other community gatherings. 

6. Childcare Service 

Childcare Service

Childcare service organizations or centers are also considered community resources. The meaning of childcare service is the care for children, especially that provided by either the government, an organization, or a person while parents are at work or are absent, or for another reason. 

7. Food Bank 

Food Bank

Till now, you have seen a list of community resources for families and individuals. Here is another example of a community resource and it is a food bank. So, a food bank in a non-profit organization is a place where food is given to those who do not have enough money to buy it, for example, a charity organization. Its role is to help people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the crises they are facing so that they don’t need to use a food bank again in the future. 

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What Do You Mean By Community Resources?

Answer: Community sources are resources that fulfil the criteria for those around them in an environment that facilitates them. People, sites or houses, and population assistance can be included in these services.

What Are The Resources Of A Community Centre?

A Community Resource Centre can provide you with resources, referrals, information and support. They assist individuals and families in accessing resources in their community by providing information and referrals for basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, employment and transportation.

What Are Locally Available Resources Examples?

These resources can be collected from the outside environment like objects such as leaves, spiders, plants, insects, rocks or wood and used in the classroom. Bringing these resources in can lead to interesting classroom displays that can be referred to in lessons.

What Are The Advantage Of Community Resources?

Community resources are necessary as they introduce you to typical and new experiences. Break out of your comfort zone through exposure to new routines, engage your talents, and explore previously suppressed social, cultural, and intellectual pursuits.


By reading this article, you may understand the importance of community resources and also the community resources examples for students, families, and older people in detail. Due to community resources, crores of people have benefited and changed their lives. Till now, these resources have saved many lives, educated many champions, cured many patients, supported many older or senior citizens, and are also doing right now. You can also become a part of it by donating a small amount that you can afford to pay as we have mentioned some examples of community resources

What are examples of resources in a community